July 24th, 2011

Custom Swimsuit !

 Hi girls !

Here is my new item available !

----- GENERAL INFOS -----

- I ship from FRANCE -
- Shipping fees NOT included -
- I'm not responsible of shipping problems, there will be not refund so please choose the appropritate method -

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 Menthe Chocolat Custom Swimsuit, 1, 2, 3 or 4 piece set ! 

You choose all details, so you have a UNIQUE swimsuit !
You choose the shape, the fabric, the number of pieces !

Mine: Top shape 4, bottom shorty, fabric 12


------ SPECIFITICIES ------

Fabric : Spandex Lycra
ultra comfortable and enough stretchy fabric.
Sizing chart : EUR (on demand) and custom
Supplies : Polyester resistant thread, special foam cups, swimsuit clips, all adapted for swimsuit.

- Special cups are included for top shapes 4 and 5, but you can ask me to put them onto the other top shapes.
- Shapes 4 and 5 contains steel armatures.
- You can choose between 2 types of back closing: Clip or tied links.
- All the bottoms have a lined bottom inside.
- The skirt is only a skirt, no panties inside. 

------ PRICE ------

1 or 2 pieces : 55€ / 78USD
3 pieces : 65€ / 93USD
4 pieces : 75€ / 107USD

Payment method: Paypal
For EUR: Paypal , Bank transfer
For France: Paypal, Virement, Chèque

Exceptionnaly, I ask full payment at order, since 90% of it goes on supplies. I decided to reduce the buying price at maximum to make the swimsuit accessible for all.

You'll pay the shipping when the order is ready.

Order spots limited at 5 for the moment.
Estimate making time : about 2 or 3 weeks,

so hurry up if you want to use it this summer !

------- FOR ORDERING -------

Please make your order post like this:

Number of pieces:
Fabric Number (or color if solid):

Top shape number:
Bottom shape:

Skirt ? Yes / no
Top part ? Yes / no

Payment method:
Location (for shipping):

If you want to see larger pictures of fabrics, please leave a comment below with the numbers of them.





LAVENDER - GREY - SKYBLUE (maybe mint, I don't know) - BLUE - WHITE